Errigal Sunset

For your hearts are like your mountains, in the homes of Donegal
— Seán McBride, 1955

Last night, the 14th of July 2015, I took my Phantom 3 (which is now better known as the bumble bee among us!) and climbed up along a few mountains around Mt. Errigal not expecting the clouds to open up and provide us with this epic sunset. So as my battery was low and it was beeping out of control telling me the battery is low and it needs to return home asap, but I ket holding off and holding off until this happened! Landed it with just a few percentage left! 

For the techies out there this was shot using a DJI Phantom 3, shot in Raw and it is a two image panoramic merged manually in Photoshop.

Here is a map of where I took the image