The Race is a 250 km unsupported endurance event across the rugged landscape of North West Donegal. To finish competitors have to complete 15km of kayaking, 166km of cycling, 5km of mountain running and 64km of road and trail running. Crucially, they must complete all this in under 24 hours. It is aimed at providing the ultimate 24 hour test of endurance.


North West Donegal has been chosen for The Race 2016 as it provides the perfect blend of beauty and difficulty. The Race is held in early March to increase the chances of challenging weather conditions during the event. It is the toughest of courses at the toughest of times. In many cases it is how an athlete deals with the wind, rain or snow that will determine if they have what it takes to finish.

Start Line


4TH-6TH MARCH 2016 The third edition of the event takes place this march with around 100 competitors from over 10 countries making up the field. Let the battle commence.


date.jpg  | Credit: Photography by Paul Doherty

Hay Bales!

One of the most important things to remember if you want amazing wedding photos is to have fun and this beautiful couple were definitely having fun!

The wedding photographs were taken in Derry and the reception was in the Villa Rose Hotel in Ballybofey, such a lovely day to be a wedding photographer in Donegal!

Dunlewey Weddings

This wedding was set in one of the most scenic locations Donegal has to offer, Dunlewey. It's a great place to have wedding photos taken as you can see below. The reception was held in the lovely An Chuirt Hotel. 

From the old car to the September light that every photographer craves this wedding was set up to be a great one!

Architecture Photography - The Church

I am currently photographing an amazing old church which was turned in to a house by the hugely talented Declan Mc Cabe of McCabe Architects .

I'm still in the process of photographing the building but here are a few images I have taken so far...

All the above images were taken using a Canon 5D Mk III along with the Canon 24mm Tilt Shift Lens. Some images are made up as a composites.

Opening Page - Winter Wedding Book

So this is one of my all time favourite opening pages for a winter Wedding I did in An Grianan Hotel. Both of these photos were taken on the hotel grounds on a cold Donegal day after the wedding... so handy!

On this day we also drove up to the fort for a few more photographs and it was amazing and again super handy as it's just a 5 minute drive.